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WeatherRadios.com is the world’s leading destination for weather radios and emergency radios. Our company was founded with the goal of making it fast and easy for customers to choose the perfect weather radio for their needs. We have a tremendous selection and carry the leading brands like Eton, Sangean and Midland Weather Radios. We also offer free shipping, competitive pricing and no hassle returns.

Dangerous weather events and natural disasters are often unpredictable and life threatening. Weather radios provide early warnings to weather and non-weather related threats, and early awareness is critical because it provides additional time to seek safe shelter. That is why the American Red Cross and FEMA (The Federal Emergency Management Agency) recommend that all homes, offices and schools have a weather radio. The Red Cross also advises all families to keep a disaster preparedness kit that includes a portable weather radio or hand crank radio.

In the United States, the NOAA and NWS broadcast emergency warnings for weather and non-weather threats over a dedicated network of over 1000 high-frequency radio stations. Environment Canada has a similar alert network that operates on the same radio frequencies. These networks were originally created to transmit warnings for dangerous weather, but they now are an "all-hazards" alert system and also transmit warnings for non-weather threats like natural disasters (earthquakes, tsunamis, forest fires), terrorist threats and AMBER (missing child) alerts.  Only weather radios and emergency radios can receive these high frequency broadcasts - normal AM/FM radios cannot. 

Why does anyone need a weather radio in this age of smart phones and the internet? Mobile phone networks and grid electricity often go down during storms and disasters. During Hurricanes Katrina and Sandy, many survivors were unable to receive emergency warnings and updates because their mobile phones, computers, and televisions were useless. Weather radios are also designed to wake you from a deep sleep in the event of an emergency. Radios with the SAME feature can even remain silent until an alert for your specific county occurs which eliminates warnings that don't apply to your area.

For help finding a weather radio, please see our guide to choosing a weather radio.

Stay informed. Stay prepared. Stay safe!

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