SAME Code Lookup

Specific Area Message Encoding (SAME) allows a user to program a weather radio to only play alerts for a specific county. This allows users to only hear warnings for their area. To utilize SAME technology, a weather radio must have the “alert” feature. Radios with this capability are often called SAME weather radios or weather alert radios. All desktop radios that we sell have SAME capability, but many portable radios and most older desktop radios do not.

Without SAME programming, a weather radio will activate and play any weather alert within the broadcast area of the NWR transmitter (radio station) to which the radio is tuned, and users will hear warnings that do not apply to them (counties other than their own). To find the six digit SAME code for the county in which you live (or are currently located), simply select your state from the table below. In Canada, SAME codes are referred to as Canadian Location Codes (CLC’s).

If you’re looking for a local transmitter station or frequency, visit our weather radio stations and frequencies page.

Find a NOAA SAME Code (CLC in Canada )

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