Status updates on the broadcasting status of NWR transmitters are compiled below. To find your local NOAA or Canadian weather radio station, simply scroll down and choose your state/province. Older transmitter status updates are available at the bottom of the page.

NOAA NWR Transmitter Updates

ND WXL78 Bismarck 162.475 Bismarck, ND OUT OF SERVICE (8/18/14)

LA KIH23 Morgan City 162.475 Slidell, LA DEGRADED (8/18/14)

GA WXJ28 Jesup 162.450 Jacksonville, FL BACK IN SERVICE (8/18/14)

WNG695 Pecos 162.450 Midland, TX OUT OF SERVICE (8/18/2014)

NOAA Weather Radio Station Map


Weather Radio broadcasts in the United States (NOAA NWR) and Canada (Weatherradio Canada) occur on seven dedicated frequencies: 162.400, 162.425, 162.450, 162.475, 162.500, 162.525, and 162.550 MHz. 

To find your local station, simply click your state or province and the choose the nearest broadcasting location. 


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Data Sources

Our data is a compilation of information from the NOAA/NWS, Environment Canada and the historical database. recently acquired which for the last decade has maintained the largest and most complete non-government database of North American weather radio stations and related news. The website was founded and managed by Mr. Joel Nelson who currated information on the NOAA and Canadian weather radio broadcasting networks and made it available for the public good on a non-commercial basis. We are pleased to continue his work here. 

Previous NWR Transmitter Updates 

ND WXL78 Bismarck 162.475 Bismarck, ND OUT OF SERVICE (8/18/14)

LA KIH23 Morgan City 162.475 Slidell, LA DEGRADED (8/18/14)

GA WXJ28 Jesup 162.450 Jacksonville, FL BACK IN SERVICE (8/18/14)

WNG695 Pecos 162.450 Midland, TX OUT OF SERVICE (8/18/2014)

OK WWF42 Ponca City OK BACK IN SERVICE (8/17/14)

GA WXJ28 Jesup 162.450 Jacksonville, FL OUT OF SERVICE (8/15/14)

LA KIH23 Morgan City 162.475 Slidell, LA OUT OF SERVICE (8/15/14)

WXL37 Highland, NY transmitter OUT OF SERVICE - Riggers have been scheduled to repair the antenna and cabling on Thursday, August 21. This date is subject to change in the event of inclement weather or other unforeseen circumstances. (8/14/14 UPDATE)