Hurricane Sandy made landfall in the United States in late October of 2012 and left a path of destruction greater than any hurricane in history to strike the Mid Atlantic region. The photo sharing site Flickr has a number of remarkable photos that document the storm and its immediate aftermath. The satellite image above from NOAA's National Ocean Service shows Hurricane Sandy just off the shore of Maryland and Virginia on October 29, 2012.

Sandy's wind speeds topped 100 mph and did extensive damage.  Here's a snapshot from Western Area Power of power-lines on New Jersey's barrier islands that were brought down by high winds.

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Much of the New York City's transit system was damaged and incapacitated. This photograph from the Metropolitan Transit Authority of New York City shows flooding of the New York City transit system in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.

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Another NYCMTA photograph of the South Ferry subway station flooded by seawater. Before subway service could be restored, all the water had to be pumped out of the subway tunnels. 

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CNN reports that the storm left 7.9 million businesses and households are without electric power.  This included parts of New York City like lower Manhattan and Chinatown, as seen in this photograph by Jason Howie.

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Many homes and businesses were completely destroyed.  This photograph from Wavian shows the destruction of residential homes in Union Beach, New Jersey.  

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Sometimes Sandy was kind enough to leave half of the house (photo by Wavian). 

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This photograph in Seaside Heights, New Jersey from Anthony Quintano shows that even roller coasters experienced the wrath of Sandy.  

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The storm left an untold amount of debris in its wake. This photo from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers shows debris being consolidated in preparation for removal. Residents often hauled debris to central collection locations by hand or in cars. 

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The National Guard provided assistance in many different capacities including the delivery of food and water. 

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But despite all the hardship and destruction, this photography by Wavian shows the spirit of those who survived Sandy remained strong. 

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