Hand Crank Radios

Hand Crank Radios
A hand crank radio is an essential part of any good emergency preparedness kit according to the American Red Cross. Hand crank radios don't require replaceable batteries or A/C electricity to operate - they generate their own power when the user turns a built-in crank. Electricity outages should be expected during emergencies and disasters, and these radios are designed for such scenarios. Some emergency crank weather radios like Eton's FRX3, Eton's Scorpion and Midland's ER102 also allow the user to charge a mobile phone via a standard USB cable. This can be an extremely valuable feature in emergency situations where grid electricity and land-line phone service are unavailable.
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Eton FR1
The American Red Cross FR1 is small yet mighty.  It is perfect for everyday use or in case of e..
Eton FRX1
The Eton FRX1 is an hand powered, highly portable AM/FM NOAA weather radio. The FRX1 is the perfect ..
Eton FRX5
The FRX5 is rugged, rechargeable, and reliable, not to mention solar-powered, splashproof, and smart..
Eton Scorpion II
The Etón Scorpion II is a compact unit that you can easily store in an emergency sa..
Midland ER300
The Midland ER300 Emergency Crank Weather Alert Radio FEATURES Multiple Sustainable Power S..
Midland XT511
XT511 Emergency Crank Base Camp With five power options, the XT511 keeps you up-to-date on new..