Eton ZoneGuard

Eton ZoneGuard
Eton ZoneGuard Eton ZoneGuard Eton ZoneGuard
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The Eton ZoneGuard is a slim, sleek AM/FM weather alert radio. The ZoneGuard is designed to be a desktop/countertop radio, and it includes an AC adapter.  Just plug it in, and it will remain silent until dangerous events unfold.  When a local weather altert is issued by the National Weather Service,  the ZoneGuard's beacons will flash and it's warnings will blare to alert you to the potential danger, and then the audio alert will be played to inform you in detail about the potential danger. 

The ZoneGuard also features advanced S.A.M.E. (specific area message encoding) technology.  Just enter the code for the county you live in, and you'll only hear warnings specific to your county (rather than for all areas covered by your regional weather radio station).  

 For emergency backup or even portable operation, the Zonegauad accepts AA batteries. The ZoneGuard also features advanced digital tuning with an LCD display and an alarm clock.

*** Staff note: The Zoneguard's modern design make it look perfectly at home in just about any public environment like an office or kitchen ***

Dimensions: 7.0" x 4.1" x 1.1"  (17.8 x 10.4 x 2.89 cm)

Weight: 0.5 lb (223g)

Eton Zoneguard Owner's Manual (PDF)

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