Desktop Weather Radios

Desktop Weather Radios
As the category name implies, these weather alert radios are intended to sit on a desk, shelf or counter and are perfect for homes, offices and schools. They are typically designed to be stationary and plug into an electrical outlet for power. All the radios in this category are weather "alert" radios which means they can remain silent until an alert is issued - at which time they will play an audible warning tone followed by the national weather service message. Desktop weather radios typically have SAME capability - they will only alert you to warnings for your specific area (i.e., county). Some feature-rich radios like the Sangean CL-100 and Midland WR300 allow users to silence certain types of warnings (like severe thunderstorms for example) while still providing audio alerts for more dangerous events (like tornadoes or hurricanes). 
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Eton ZoneGuard
The Eton ZoneGuard is a slim, sleek AM/FM weather alert radio. The ZoneGuard is designed to be a des..
Midland WR120
This desktop weather radio is Midland's most popular.  The WR120 will alert you and your family..
Midland WR300
Stay alert to conditions that affect you with Midland's WR-300 all-hazard/weather alert radio. The u..
Sangean CL-100
Sangean's CL-100 compact table-top Weather Alert Radio is loaded with all the features you'd ever wa..