Eton FRX1

Eton FRX1
Eton FRX1 Eton FRX1 Eton FRX1 Eton FRX1 Eton FRX1
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The Eton FRX1 is an hand powered, highly portable AM/FM NOAA weather radio. The FRX1 is the perfect size to slip into a backpack or to-go bag, or to carry with you to a safe area in your home when bad weather approaches.  The FRX1 is available in the following colors: American Red Cross white.

The hand turbine power generator gives you the freedom to forget batteries, just crank the hand turbine for one minute and you'll produce enough power for 15-20 minutes of music, news and weather.  The FRX1 can also be charged via its mini-usb port via an AC adapter, computer cable or car charging cable.  (Note: no adapter is included with the FRX1 and to be compatible a charging cable must have a mini-usb fitting on the end that plugs into the FRX1) 

The Eton FRX1 also has some additional features that make it really convenient to use. It has a glow-in-the-dark locator to make it easy to find a night. It has a built in LED flashlight, which is perfect for emergencies when power is not available. It features a headphone jack which allows for headphone use. 

*** Weather Radio Direct staff notes - The Eton FRX1 does not accept standard batteries, so users should be prepared to crank the turbine when they want to use the device unless they plan to charge/power it via the mini-usb port. ***

Dimensions: 5.4” x 2.5” x 2.5” (13.7 x 6.4 x 6.4 cm)

Weight: 8 oz. (227 g)

Eton FRX1 Owner's Manual (PDF)

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